MLB Summary: Roy Hallade’s number to be withdrawn tomorrow | Japan Olympic victory

MLB Summary: Roy Hallade's number to be withdrawn tomorrow |  Japan Olympic victory

Roy Hallade’s number will be withdrawn tomorrow

The Phyllis are preparing accordingly.

There is no return date for Francisco Linder

Not the news the Mets fans want to hear.

Joe Madden sells his house in Tampa Bay

He will travel to Arizona to be close with the angels and his family.

Microuted and 30

Happy Birthday to the best player on the planet.

K’Brian Hayes in the midst of a sluggish recession

However, he begins to find his bearings on the bat.

Japan Olympic victory

The Japanese won Olympic gold at home against the United States. The Dominican Republic also won the bronze medal.

Speaking of the Olympics, Eddie Alvarez has become one of the few athletes to win a medal in the winter and summer.

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