US / Dominican Republic – Radio Cebo, in service for 47 years

US / Dominican Republic - Radio Cebo, in service for 47 years

US / Dominican Republic – Radio Cebo, in service for 47 years


Santo Domingo (Agensia Fights) – Radio Cebo, 47 years in service. Radio, administered by the Dominican Missionaries’ Religious Order since 1974, provides an experienced journey to work in the Dominican Republic.
In 2003, the first tab: a local channel – covering only the province of Cebo – began to have a regional purpose, reaching cities, especially the countryside, in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic.
Finally, since 2009, thanks to the Internet, it has reached all corners of the world.
Ten years ago, in a note sent to Fidesz, radio executives wrote: “Radio Sebo will not stand still. Despite great difficulties and bad predictions, we have reached thirty-seven years of life. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Continue to be the preferred station of El Sebo residents’ in areas where it achieves today, because modernization and radio are moving forward, and we have the evidence of being heard in more than a hundred countries, thanks to our map on the web. First heard on the Internet.Finally, we are committed to ensuring that our compatriots abroad can communicate with their families by radio We have won.
In addition to the evangelistic programs it leads, Radio Cebo is committed to promoting community programs.
The last of the projects in progress is called “Recicreartes”, a project carried out in collaboration with Acción Verapaz (an NGO affiliated with Dominican missionaries); This wonderful project promotes the improvement of the social conditions of people with limited resources through the learning, creation and sale of the visual arts as a means of livelihood. (EC) (Agensia Fights 08/07/2021)

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