Incarnation of Ariana Grande at Fortnight, which continues its entertainment strategy

Incarnation of Ariana Grande at Fortnight, which continues its entertainment strategy

Throughout the weekend, Fortnight players will be able to choose an option that will allow them to embark on an adventure with artist Ariana Grande.

The incarnation of some of American singer Ariana Grande’s performances will appear on Fort Night over the weekend, showing off her strategy for opening the event with video game publisher, Epic Games.

Five times, to target all time zones, players can choose an option that allows for an adventure with pop and R&B artist, which is drawn as a semi-human, semi-imaginary character. Short dress in blue scales or silver ensemble.

The line-up, which lasts less than half an hour, features a number of Haryana Grande songs, such as “All Right” or “Positions”, one of the 28 Grammy Award-winning artist’s last hits. His profession. At the same time, several objects bearing the image of the singer entered the sports shop.


Epic Games has already begun similar experiments in April 2020 by merging American rap star Travis Scott or Brazilian football star Neymar. The goal of this strategy is to capture the look of an entertainment platform without being satisfied with the shooting and survival game.

“This is a big area where we want to innovate because Fortnight has to keep up with the real world,” said Epic Games brand director Bill Rampulla. “We have not changed concerts or movies. We are in tune with these things and we are expanding and improving them,” he said.

A real event for many years among video game fans, Fortnight claims to have about 350 million “gamers” in the world.

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