‘He needs a second blanket tonight’

'He needs a second blanket tonight'

Do not let out a little sunlight, and immediately pour everything with short sleeves. It’s not season yet, the weather sucks.

Not even to take a shower to get out of the house, anyway, where to go with this aunt? Coffee on the blanket, spark and nausea, the best recipe!

I walked across the beach yesterday and saw people half naked and happy, I say “What are you doing here? Are you cutting the king pie? Winter swimmers? ”They looked like Tentoglou.

The sea can wait, kids, it’s tomorrow, it’s not going anywhere. Let the weather warm first, we will discuss it.

But they have deceived the world by propaganda about her Climate change. You no longer know who to trust. What nonsense is coming to those who write on Facebook, with evidence and arguments, to them or to scientists?

I do not know, these are the stumbling blocks above the boy of humanity, we are called to take a stand on issues beyond us.

However, I am very skeptical of scientists. We do not have 1960. Santopolos became a doctor to take care of his sick little sister.

The world has moved on ever since.

More irrelevant but where does the ice melt? Even if you know how to drink it they will not melt in Frendo. I’m not saying these are all fairy tales, but do a little work on your mind. No more weeds.

Last night I lay on the blanket on the wool and say okay, okay, it didn’t take more than ten minutes to cool again. I ask my wife “Where do you have the other wool, the thick one?”, And she tells me “in the room”. “Help me download it,” I tell her. “Immediately,” he tells me and takes the children away.

People are on the rails, their patience has reached its limit, what can you say.

In the morning I woke up with a runny nose. சூச oun நிசா. Only two cards were wrong and I will put on the electric blanket tonight, just like everyone else this time. Let the electricity go down, what to do? We pay for something like this.

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