Damien Lillard’s cash addition: “NBA is simpler than FIFA”

Damian Lillard et Team USA au duel avec la France en finale des JO

Damien Lillard Despite the USA team’s victory over France, he struggled in these Olympics. But how to explain it, who is generally very comfortable … The answer is simple: The difficulty of FIBA ​​basketball compared to the NBA!

Damien Lillard Expected to be one of the leaders of this Olympics … After another disappointing season in Portland and many rumors about his future in Oregon, the President was coming to Tokyo with the intention of changing ideas and he has to prove to the general public that he is in fact an exceptional player.

The problem is that the Blazers Star Point Guard could not find his rhythmic attack, which inevitably highlights his weakness at the other end of the pitch. With an average of 11.2 points and 3.2 assists over the match, all with 38% wins and 34% 3 points, Dame did not have the expected contribution and It was also discovered by Greg Popovich !

But how to explain this personal failure? He’s very comfortable in the NBA, chaining boxes and especially midfielder’s bombs, adjusting shots and not regaining confidence … so frankly, we can Talk about the big revelation about his health, But the main interested party has another path: the difficulty of the FIBA ​​game. He spoke before winning the final against the Blues.

I totally understand why Luca Danzig said it is easier to score in the NBA than in the FIBA. The best NBA players can score 3 points, but experience mistakes and throws. There is not so much whistle on FIBA. Then the fraud did not rule for 3 seconds, so the painting was more populous. There is a lot that makes NBA easier than FIBA.

According to Damien Lillard, observation cannot be simple: it is much easier to score in the NBA than it is to score in the FIBA. And it is this discovery on the field that illustrates the difficulties of the leader in this competition. This Olympiad first lady, she learned the hard way about the demands of the European sport! All-Star will undoubtedly look like this next season:

Damien Lillard realized that it was very difficult to shine aggressively in the FIBA ​​environment. He needs to breathe again in the NBA with all the breaks and whistles.

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