Water World: A series from the upcoming film

Water World: A series from the upcoming film

The film almost cost Kevin Costner his life. According to the American site Collider, a series derived from “Waterworld” is currently being created on Universal TV.

Two producers of the film, John Davis and John Fox, released information about this sequel that will take the storyline 20 years after the events described in the film. Anonymously – he mentions that it will be broadcast on the streaming platform – and is expected to produce Don Drachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane).

“We will do the rest Water world In the series edition. (2) We are not 100% sure about the approach of the series. But we are currently in a growth phase, ”they said Conflict. At the time of passing, for the time being, nothing has been signed. Also a screenwriter is to be hired on the project. No details have been released about the selection of Shoranner (s) who will be the massive task of bringing this series to the small screen.

A bitter defeat for Kevin Costner

The most expensive film in history when it was released in theaters in 1995, Water world The post-apocalyptic future in which the earth was completely covered with water due to melting ice immersed the audience. Surviving humans live in man-made atolls.

It is in this hostile environment that the so-called sailor – a mutant, half man, half fish, as well as a woman and a little girl – go in search of the trill. According to legend, this is the only land that has not been revealed so far. But the bloodthirsty pirates, nicknamed the Smokers, led by the terrible deacon, are well aware of how to stop them.

With an estimated budget of $ 175 million (7 147.8 million) at the time, and after a catastrophic shooting due to a number of issues, Water world It was a mixed success when it was released in theaters. If it was eventually recovered, the film would be considered a bittersweet defeat for Kevin Costner.

It seems unlikely that the actor will resume his role in this series.

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