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Space Olympics
Space Olympics

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Do you see the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in full swing?

As the new crown epidemic spreads, Tongao is still a world title. For example, under the wave of environmental protection around the world, Dongao can see the “green economy” everywhere — from the launch of the hydrogen energy torch, to the extreme eco-platform printed during competition in 3D, to the recycling of discarded electronics, to the search for sustainability.

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Of course, the most exciting thing is to stand in front of the screen and watch our national players perform at their best. However, during the Eastern Olympics, you would not have thought that a group of people were so far away from this international event, so far from the surface of the earth, that in 2021, there was the first “Space Olympics” in the history of mankind.

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Micro Gravity Edition of the Summer Olympics

These space crews, led by French astronaut Thomas Pesket and heading to the International Space Station, collided with eastern Austria during their mission. They did not want to miss this sporting event on earth, so they decided to pay homage to the spirit of the athletes. A week before the opening of the Eastern Olympics, they hosted a space Olympics in a micro-gravity environment. Although it was only to see the fun for the players, they prepared the medals without tension for the winners at various events.

The Space Olympics has seven competitors and two participating teams, all named after the famous spacecraft: “Soyuz” (Soyuz) and “Crotragon” (Crotragon).

In the most “astronaut” way, how can players compete in a game in an almost zero gravity environment? This is definitely not badminton or golf.

Captain Baskett said: “As long as you use a little imagination, you can create unique games.” For example, you may not have heard of “synchronized floating”, “ground gymnastics”, “long distance long jump”. Too far away, because in space, gravity keeps you so close to the ground) or “handball that your hands can’t touch.” Of course, these games are of an entertaining and relaxing nature, and 80% of them do not become a regular occurrence, but they are really a great medium for team spirit to gather team feeling apart from the fun of these players.

When it comes to the Olympics, how can we not show some patriotism? Therefore, team members in the International Space Station laboratory are filled with pocket versions of national flags; Even if they are in space, they need to show the diversity and inclusion of the Olympic spirit.

Space Olympics

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Space captain who loves games

In his daily life, as a black belt in judo, Baskett was an avid sports fan; His team members are no exception and do 2.5 hours of physical exercise every day.

Previously conducted with DongaoExclusive InterviewHere, Pesket noted that even if he and his allies were not on Earth, they would “certainly watch and support the Tokyo Olympics. In particular, there is a Japanese athlete on the team, representing his country in space, which makes a lot of sense.”

Space Olympics

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In addition to hosting the unprecedented Space Olympics, Baskett posted a video on the official Olympic Instagram page. He said emotionally: “We are 400 kilometers from Earth, waiting to see just like you. The Tokyo Olympics will be televised. We will bring good luck to every athlete from space.

This cheer is actually a real “voice from heaven”.

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