The BP robot detects differences using artificial intelligence and built-in cameras and captures them using a mechanism located below it. In this way you can help him get well

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Humans reject. During our many years at this ball we were able to pollute some areas well – and the beaches were one of our favorite victims. Of the rubbish we leave on the beaches, 4.5 trillion cigarette butts remain on the beaches each year. So the two entrepreneurs decided to clean up the beaches – with a cute robot and crowd wisdom.

Did the robot clean the beaches?

BeachBot The four-wheeled robot, created by two Dutch entrepreneurs – Edwin Boss and Martin Locard – decided they were tired of all the cigarette butts they see on their favorite beaches. The robot has a photo sequence and a computer that runs an AI model to identify the cigarette butts and collect them with a mechanism developed by Boss and Lockhart.

Both, who come from the background of creating robotics and AI models, approached the general public and asked him for help with pictures of cigarette butts – he could identify the cigarette butts well and train the model not to miss anyone. They used Microsoft’s Trove processor, which connects people to image repositories and those who want to train AI models to get their hands on a significant database of images of cigarette butts.

Now they are asking for the help of the public and you too can help improve their robot with the help of photos of cigarette butts. The robot, as of today, comes with two series of photos – one to identify the cigarette butts and the other to make sure it doesn’t beat people on the beach. It is powered by a battery and can operate for about an hour, at a time when its power is not so great (in the demonstration they did with it, it collected 10 cigarette butts in half an hour). Two developers hope to continue to grow it so that one day it will move with the help of solar energy and operate autonomously along the length and width of the beaches to remove cigarette butts.

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