NASA 13 billion years old viral video Hubble Ultra Deep Field Galaxy | NASA has shared a 13 billion year old video of the galaxy that you will be surprised to see

New Delhi: The US space agency NASA has released a video of 13 billion years old data on the galaxy. The video, taken by NASA’s Hubble telescope, has received about 3 lakh views so far. In the video, NASA showed the speed of the galaxy’s appearance through sound over the past 13 billion years.

13 billion years old data

With this video shared on Instagram, NASA wrote, ‘You are asking for 13 billion years of data. Galaxies have been featured in this Hubble Ultra Deep Field movie since 2014.

NASA further wrote, ‘We hear different notes for each galaxy, and when light is emitted in this image, music is heard. The farther away the galaxy is, the longer it takes for its light to reach Hubble.

The telescope was launched in 1990

In April 1990, NASA and the European Space Agency launched the Hubble Space Telescope. It was sent into space via the Discovery space shuttle. The telescope was named ‘Hubble’ after American astronomer Edwin Bonwell Hubble.

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It is designed to serve in space. It is 13.2 meters long and weighs 11 thousand kilograms. This telescope orbits under the earth.

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