India’s first electric supercar with a range of 523 km on a single charge.

India's first electric supercar with a range of 523 km on a single charge.

Fish Metal Motors will soon launch its electric super car Asani in India. This car will be the most powerful and stylish electric car available in India. The design of this car is aerodynamic so that this car can reach tremendous speeds in just a few seconds.

Asani’s design seems to have been inspired by the McLaren supercar. If you look at this car, you will think it is a foreign super car. However, this super car is not made by a domestic company. Numerous automobile companies in India work on electric cars. They work to change the design and range better and better. The front of the car includes LED headlamps and DRL. This makes this car look very sporty. It also has large air vents. This not only keeps the car cool, but also provides ventilation.


In terms of range, this car can cover a distance of 325 km on a single charge. And once fully charged, this car can go up to 523 km. Asani reaches 0 to 60 speeds per hour in just 2.1 seconds. Its maximum speed is 220 per hour. This car is capable of generating a maximum of 1000 hp of power. Work on this car is currently underway and its release date will be announced soon.

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