Finally there was no British Airways flight between London and Kuimper this summer

Finally there was no British Airways flight between London and Kuimper this summer

Due to the health crisis linked to Covit-19, no aircraft will connect the airports of Guimber and the City of London in 2020. Restore in 2021.

In 2020, the Covit-19 International Distribution The planes were right in between the airport Kuimber (Finisher) And the City of London, generally offered Company British AirwaysSeveral times a week in the summer. In 2021, there was the airport and the company It is hoped that air links between these two cities can be proposed again, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. These flights are expected to operate from June to September. ThenFrom August to September.

Finally, again in 2021 no British Airways flight will connect Kuimber and London due to the health crisis. Always traveling from France to England “Subject Isolation », What does that mean “Request is not there”, Commented on Cornouaille Airport (ADC), the organization that manages Kimber Airport.

Paris and helicopter flights

However, British Airways is already looking towards 2022 as it will be able to book a seat on one of its flights between Kuimper and London from mid-June next year.

As for the factories ofKimber-Cornwall AirportHowever, he sees several planes taking off and landing in 2021: French company planes Salar, who connects Gulambar with Paris-Orly several times a week. The Héliberté, which provides helicopter flights, also operates tourist flights, especially those open to the public. Finally, as a reminder, parking your vehicle in airport parking lots is free.

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