Deserted since the outbreak, the city of London will relocate its offices to housing

By 2030, 1,500 new housing units are expected to be built in this business district.

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How will the latter covit ? Deserted by increased telecommunications during the health crisis, the city’s London Business District announced on Tuesday 27 It plans to convert vacant offices to create 1,500 new housing units by April 2030.

The move is part of a larger action plan released in a press release and will allow the neighborhood page to adapt to economic and social changes.

The project invites you to build new low carbon buildings or renovate others in collaboration with real estate developers. The purpose is to build homes and provide welcome areas for business, culture or young businesses.

The town, where some people live, wants to find ways to bring life to the district on weekends and evenings. For example, in the summer you may decide to ban vehicular access on Saturdays and Sundays or to start cultural events at night. Finally, it would be a question of encouraging the population to walk there, cycle there and spend more time.

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