Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds gives news about the movie

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds gives news about the movie

In the full promotion of the movie “Free Guy”, currently in theaters, Ryan Reynolds gave some news about the movie “Deadpool 3” and the progress of the production.

Disney’s acquisition of the 20th-century Fox has left fans fearful of how the big-ear brand will handle the rest of the adventures of this irrelevant character. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), now all Marvel adaptations are merged under one banner (Marvel Studios, note).

Last January, Kevin Faiz, president of Marvel Studios, promised Deadpool A sequel is visible and actually integrated into the MCU. Sisters Lizzie Molineux-Locklin and Wendy Malinex are currently working on the script. Supervised by Ryan Reynolds who plays the hero on screen. The American site asked Conflict The actor was encouraged about the progress of production and the possibility of starting shooting in 2022.

A possible shoot in 2022

“We are actively working on its development and it is starting to take shape. Which month is it? August? Shooting for 2022? Chances are high. I would say 70%,” the actor declares. You have to set aside time for that and take a step back, I work with the Molineux sisters on it, and it goes amazingly well. They are both incredibly talented, and very intelligent. They have a full understanding of this universe and they know how to take the opposite view that everyone expects. We have a lot of fun, ”he continues.

Marvel Studios has yet to make an official announcement about the launch of the Deadpool 3 product, but fans may be delighted to hear that Ryan Reynolds is very excited about the development of the project. For a possible theatrical release in 2023 or 2024, we can legally count on filming to start in 2022.

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