AR “Sing Street” tonight on ARTE: Comment and information on this favorite music movie

AR "Sing Street" tonight on ARTE: Comment and information on this favorite music movie

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Streaming tonight on TV and on ARTE: Sing Street (2016) John Carney with Ferdia Walsh-Below, Lucy Pointon and Jack Rainer. Information and commentary from Bulls de Culture on this favorite movie that airs on Friday, August 6th.


1985. In Ireland devastated by the economic crisis, Connor enrolls in a public Catholic school, much cheaper than his old company. At the end of the class, he met Rafina, who introduced herself as a model, who still seems to be on the verge of embracing an epic fate in London.

To entertain him, Connor decides to form a band with the help of his older brother and shoot video clips … in which he formally assigns the first role to the young woman.

Sing Street Watch on TV and streaming on ARTE: our opinion

Extract from review Cultural bubbles In the movie Sing Street Written during its screening on Deauville American Film Festival In 2016:

Director John Carney Melting pot creates an image with inspirations and gives pleasure. Like the rock ‘n’ role group he tells the story to, the filmmaker multiplies the notes and creates an amazing film.

(…) Favorite film of Bulls de Culture Sing Street It makes both joy and emotion tremble.

Shooting Secrets, Events: Did You Know?

  • Thanks to the immense success of his music was expressed to the public Once (2017), Teacher-Director John Carney Has directed his eighth film Sing Street.
  • This film has received many awards including 4 prizes at the Dinard Film Festival In 2016: Hitchcock D’Ore, Hitchcock to Public Premiere, Hitchcock for Best Screenplay and Allans and Hitchcock Honors’ La Regal to Jue.
  • Original music composed Gary Clark And John Carney. Also the songs of the band are sung by the actor Bertia Walsh-Philo, Who plays the main character Konar.
  • The shooting took place at Dublin In Ireland.

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  • Sing Street Broadcast and streaming on ARTE Friday, August 6, 2021 at 8:55 p.m.
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