Amazon pushes office revenue to January 2022

Amazon a ainsi décidé que les employés qui devaient revenir régulièrement au bureau à partir du 7 septembre le feraient à partir du 3 janvier.

E-commerce company Amazon on Thursday decided to postpone the mandatory return to its staff office until January 2022, the latest example of a major U.S. company changing its rules amid a new wave of Covit-19 pollution.

The staff decided to do so from January 3, when Amazon would have to return to the office regularly from September 7th. This instruction applies to the United States and other countries, without specifying which company. “We will follow the advice of local authorities and work closely with the best health professionals to gather their advice and suggestions to ensure that workplaces are highly relevant to ensure the safety of our staff.”, The committee said.

Mandatory vaccination

Amazon is not alone in making this decision. Microsoft has postponed the full opening of its offices in early October, leaving parents caring for vulnerable people or parents of children who cannot be vaccinated until January.

Following in the footsteps of Google and Facebook, the computer company announced on Wednesday that the vaccine is now mandatory for individuals, staff and visitors to its premises. According to property manager Blackrock and Wells Fargo Bank, who wanted all their employees to gradually return to office from September, they announced on Thursday that they were pushing this deadline to early October.

All of these results start fresh with the epidemic delta variation and local authorities are taking new health measures. Some companies, such as Disney, have made it mandatory for certain employees to be vaccinated.

Following the recommendations of the U.S. Federal Public Health Agency (CDC), which recommends wearing masks back home in areas where the virus is spreading, retail chains such as Walmart have asked their clients to cover their faces again.

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