A relationship to improve Aaron Rodgers

A relationship to improve Aaron Rodgers

For the past few months it has been confusing that Green Bay Packers have been trying to incorporate quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The 37-year-old captain, who holds the NFL MVP title last season, has been at the center of controversy due to problems with Wisconsin’s organization.

He missed the mandatory June functions and finally arrived at the training camp at the end of July after agreeing to the contract changes. At the end of the 2022 campaign he will be able to enjoy his autonomy without the Packers giving him the label of privilege player.

Until then, No. 12 has a lot of work to do on the pitch, but also on the outside. Among other things, he agrees that his relationship with managing director Brian Goodegunst should be fine-tuned.

“I think it’s constantly improving. In my opinion, bonds do not form in a few days,” he told NFL.com. There are times when respect grows and communication follows.

“The best relationships you can have with friends and loved ones include conversations and follow-up. You can’t chat with your best friend for a few months and you can’t pick up where you left off.

“There is no gap in communication, or there are no forced discussions you have to clash with that person because it is on your to-do list,” he added. It is about these conversations and the desire to engage in such conversation. We had some and they were positive. ”

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Rodgers was dissatisfied with Jordan Love’s quarterback selection in last year’s NFL draft. Moreover, some have spoken of Pivot’s dissatisfaction with the decisions made by Bakers.

However, ESPN quoted the CEO as saying that the broad receiver Randall’s purchase of the file from Houston Texans last week would have changed his view of the situation.

Rodgers defeated his team in the National Association finals last season. During the regular season, he had a total of 4,299 yards and 48 passing touchdowns.

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