NCAA Earthquake … Great News for Victor Vembanyama!

The NCAA world was rocked this Wednesday by an innovative decision Opportunity Announced Future NBA Superstar. And this amazing news can trade well … Victor Vembanyama! Descriptions.

Americans can always count on incredible talent in the NBA, as evidenced by the recent world title the U19s won against France. This golden generation was brought in by Chad Holmgrain, a mutant who was already seen as the future No. 1 of the draft … Well, that was before the earthquake that rocked the NCAA on Wednesday!

In fact, the young Emoney Bates, the future NBA superstar according to all the scouts, took a serious decision about his future and lit a new path in the professional world. Instead of following the normal course, Naked will skip a class, his terminal, so get a year in search of a higher level!

Emoney Bates will either go to the NCAA except for his high school final year or sign up for the G League for next season. Bates, who was the best high school student of the 2022 generation, will choose between Oregon, Memphis and Michigan State Universities if he continues his studies.

With him coming to the NCAA in September 2022, some major media outlets want Namot Emoney Bates Game Chart Already announced In the legacy of LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Decided to speed up the process by avoiding her last year in high school! NBA teams can pick him up from the next draft, which could force more than one team in the coming months as his talent and talent are immense!

Also, if this is good news for owners in distress, this is good news too … Victor Vembanyama! In fact, ASVEL’s core giant U19 soaks scouts during World Championships. Except for one big twist, in two years his name should be called first!

Victor Wembanyama is implicitly guaranteed to n ° 1 in the draft thanks to the class except the Emoney Bates! A decision that could earn him a few more million in June 2023!

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