Euro 2021. English supporters return to London

Euro 2021. English supporters return to London

In front of Wembley Stadium, just before the final match between England and Italy in London, the red and white human wave captured the complex.

It’s historic, at least you’re here, ” said Abdul Samawe, a 34 – year – old accountant who faced England’s chance of winning, whose only major title was 55 years and the 1966 World Cup.

Around him, the arena fa முகப்புade has become a real deafening feast, where tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters respond to the noise of firecrackers or motorists. However, the first clashes took place around the stadium: stones, beer cans, bags or transport cones were thrown into the air by Dipsy supporters and three Italian supporters were attacked by supporters. Even worse, some fans tried to force Wembley security into the stadium without tickets …

Concerned English

London police used the opportunity to challenge supporters on social networks, asking them not to go to Wembley if they did not have tickets to the match due to the crowd. Since Sunday morning, bars, bars and restaurants across the country have been flooded with supporters.

However, not everyone likes this behavior due to health reasons. Covit-19 cases linked to the Delta genre have been exploding in the UK for some time, and more than one of these happy scenes is causing concern in the UK, especially for not wearing a mask.

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