Compensation for Australia’s aboriginal ‘stolen generation’

Compensation for Australia’s aboriginal ‘stolen generation’

As part of a policy of integration that lasted until the 1970s, thousands of young tribesmen were torn from their homes and placed with white foster families.

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The gesture of reparation. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Thursday (August 5) that $ 75,000, or nearly ,000 47,000, in Australia has been forcibly removed from their families as multiple children. The move is aimed at correcting what he described as a period “Shameless” History of the country.

As part of the official integration policies that continued in the 1970s, thousands of Indigenous and Taurus Island youths were evicted from their homes and placed with white foster families.

What happened is a shameful chapter in our national history. “, Said Scott Morrison in Parliament about the “stolen generation” of Native Australians. There are no stories of suffering “Not just stories of the past, but stories that continue to resonate through the generations”, He added.

Australian aborigines, who are severely disadvantaged in terms of health, income and education, welcomed the announcement, stressing that it was too late.

Scott Morrison announced that $ 378.6 million (23 236 million) would be allocated to repair human damage caused by the integration policy. Money will go to people living in areas administered by the Commonwealth during forced migration – the Northern Territory, the Australian capital, the location of Canberra and the Gulf of Jervis.

The program offers a one-time payment of $ 75,000 in recognition of the harm done to survivors, a $ 7,000 “healing aid” and the opportunity to tell their story to a senior government official and receive a face-to-face apology. In writing.

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