C8 to broadcast anti-abortion campaign image

C8 to broadcast anti-abortion campaign image

On August 15, during the Christian Feast of Assumption, the C8 television channel, owned by Vincent Pollori, hosted an excellent host and Catholic training program for a 12-hour television program on religion. Report Madmoizelle.com. For August 16, the channel will air the first part of the evening Unplanned, An American anti-abortion campaign film.

The film tells the “true” story of Abby Johnson, a feminist and pro-abortion activist who is the director of family planning in the United States who has turned against abortion. Released in 2019, the film, sponsored by the Evangelical Church, distilled many Fake news Anti-abortion.

For example, the heroine who saw a 13-week-old fetus struggling with an abortion turns to the fight against abortion. Absolutely misleading view, intended to convey the notion that the fetus is a living being or a person. Similarly, family planning is presented as a millionaire capitalist system throughout the film. Specially drawn elements from a book published by Abby Johnson, including an investigation Monthly Texas Highlighted the discrepancies in 2010.

The film is directed by Gary Solomon and Chuck Gonzalez, while its producer Michael Lindell is an evangelical Christian who is said to have met God in January 2009. According to The world. When it was released in 2019, it used the words “anti-abortion anthem” The world To the delight of Donald Trump, the country’s president, and many Republican senators who voted for the film, it grossed $ 6 million in just one weekend.

If anti-abortion demonstrations and reactionary diets are not new, C8 is rolling out the red carpet for them this time around. Again, the most reactionary sectors of employers and the population have joined hands. There is nothing new under the sun, especially when it comes to Pollor, the best host for promoting the most reactionary ideas.

The screening of the film also reminds us of the weakness of the abortion rights. The right to be attacked by less than 32 states by 2020 in the reactionary forum against the right to abortion. In this sense, as the struggle continues in many countries from Poland to Brazil to seize this fundamental right through Colombia or many African countries, it is necessary to continue to fight for its protection and against all who want to question it.

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