XBNet accepts content agreement with ZEturf, France

XBNet accepts content agreement with ZEturf, France

Image Source: Call Sport Media / SIPA USA / PA Images

North America Horse Racing Content Provider XB Network Signed a new distribution contract with a French operator ZEturf.

The deal provides XB Net with its live images, data and various racing services over a network of more than 60 North American channels.

Emmanuel de Rohan Sabot, The founder of ZEturf commented: “During the first lockout in 2020, we were looking for new attractive racing opportunities for our customers.

“Our customers quickly appreciate the new excitement and value of American racing for our racing experience, offering consistent, high-quality opportunities for fast racing or viewing the entire map.

“With their expertise in emerging strategic partnerships and racing solutions with XBNet, we look forward to seeing how these progressive products continue to operate on other highlights, including the Breeders’ Championship, as France’s daily national races are elegantly designed for high-end evening races.

The XP Net in End-to-End solution covers approximately 75% of almost all US races, offering low latency streams of over 2,500 races, showing over 25,000 races per year. Highlights include Pegasus World Cup, Two control legs this summer Three crowns (With Pregnancy and Belmont Stakes) and the first finals of the season Producer Cup World Championship Del Mar (November 5 and 6).

The daily American horse racing content program elegantly completes the French national racing process, provides fast racing opportunities for ZEturf on European nights, keeps the audience in competitive digital entertainment cycles and continues to generate new resource revenue for the partnership. And new customers.

In recent months, HP has entered into content deals with various carriers, including Net, Sisal, Entein and BoyleSports.

Simon Fraser, XBNet International Senior Vice President added, “ZEturf is a great brand with their expertise and excellent customer service. .

“While the national races in France are in full swing, players inspired by North American races are often caught during the locks, which marks another important check of our product.

“After all, no matter where you are in the world, it is very important that any uncertainty racing tab provide the right content in times of extreme uncertainty.

In short, if a game’s racing markets are consistent, familiar to customers, and synchronized with local free time, traction will catch up very quickly and last a long time.

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