She developed a vaccine for which she got her own Barbie doll

She developed a vaccine for which she got her own Barbie doll

It was a unique year for Professor Sarah Gilbert. The co-creator of the vaccine from Astrogenka was elevated to a classic level and standing oven in the arena at Wimbledon.

The cow dolls also celebrated her success – they created a Barbie doll in her memory. He said it Server Guardian.

Gilbert, who conducts Govt vaccine research at Oxford University, initially considered the gesture “very strange,” but later concluded that he could encourage girls to show interest in science.

“I hope my toy shows children ways they don’t think of. For example, like a vaccine,” Gilbert said. She added that one of her goals is to motivate the next generation of women into math, technology or engineering.

In addition to Gilbert, Mattel created dolls from five other women in the natural sciences. American nurses Amy O’Sullivan and Audrey Cruz, Canadian physician Cicca Stacey Oriova, Brazilian biologist Jacqueline Goss de Jesus and Australian physician Kirby White, who invented reusable protective clothing for leading physicians, came to the counters.

“Barbie appreciates the dedication of all the leading workers who have made extraordinary sacrifices. We want to highlight their efforts, share their stories and inspire the next generation,” said Lisa McNight, vice president in charge of Barbie dolls on behalf of Mattel.

Mattel is trying new things

The world’s number two toy toys are the most commonly tested, so plastic Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lopez or Cher can celebrate significant milestones in their lives. Last month, Mattel introduced the character of Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, which sold out in a matter of hours.

Mattel has long faced accusations that his toys have set standards of beauty, and many critics have pointed out that if the original toys lived in real life, they would experience severe pain if they could walk.

Diversity has become a major topic in recent years – for example, Rosa Parks, an anti-separatist and anti-apartheid activist, was born in 1955 when she refused to fill a seat on a bus with a white man.

Wheelchair dolls, black women with traditional hairstyles or ken, slightly rounded instead of dry abdominal muscles.

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