Rover Curiosity has discovered a strange rock formation on Mars

Rover Curiosity has discovered a strange rock formation on Mars

Unusual Formation, Chemistry & amp;  Camera (ChemCam) from Curiosity Rover in July 2021.

Not to be missed by the shining youth Diligence, Rover Curiosity NASA spent the past few days capturing images of interesting rocks at the foot of Mount Sharp on Mars, near where the rover landed in August 2012. One of them is a curve, similar to the awe-inspiring geography of some parts of the earth, but this curve is only 17 centimeters high.

Original footage of the arch taken last weekend was recently released The web Of films Curiosity. The system is located in the Gale crater on Mars, the site of a nearly 4 billion-year-old meteorite impact site that retains water at some point in its ancient history and is based on the clay and sulfate mineral deposits within it.

At the foot of Mars, Curiosity saw a unique creation that sparked the interest of NASA scientists. The rover examined the rock closely using chemical and camera equipment, or ChemCam, Which will film the rocks and decompose their chemical composition, and their Must camera, Which takes pictures of the landscape.

The rock arch sits simply on the ground of the gale abyss. This is important in the flat terrain around it and is somewhat offset, with one side of the arch meeting the other just below its highest point. It would be weird even on earth. Commenters Social media They said the creation looks like a cat in a jet ski or snake column. If you look at the negative side of the curve, it looks like a flat map of Great Britain.

Strange rock (lower left corner).

Regardless of what you see, the rock formation is a “particularly unusual” example of the region’s terrain, wrote Abigail Freeman, a planetary geologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a recent post. Blog.

The diligence of the new Mars rover has advanced tools compared to Curiosity, but this rock is far from diligent because it is from New York City Los Angeles, so the chances of seeing it in more detail are slim. However, within a few years, NASA plans to send a spacecraft to bring Mars rocks to Earth. One of the most ambitious scientific goals to date in the space of diligence is to collect and store model caches for eventual recovery. Those Martian rocks will be distant objects in the solar system that will rescue mankind.

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