Agreement with Data Science Institute | Ethics Commissioner destroys Justin Trudeau

Agreement with Data Science Institute |  Ethics Commissioner destroys Justin Trudeau

(Ottawa) Conflict Interest and Ethics Commissioner Justin Trudeau has called on the Liberal MP to retain the services of a company run by an old friend of the Prime Minister.

John Brighton
Canadian Press

Mr. In a letter to Trudeau, Commissioner Mario Dion firmly believes that the Prime Minister was not involved in the Liberal Research Bureau’s decision to sign a contract with Data Sciences, owned by his old friend Tom Pitfield.

Accordingly, Mr. Mr Trudeau said there was no reason to believe that Mr Trudeau had acted in any way to misrepresent Pitfield’s personal interests. Dion concludes. The Commissioner of Ethics therefore considers that an inquiry into this matter is not guaranteed.

Conservative MP

NGP VAN, an American company, provides software used by the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) to manage its campaign database. Mr. Pitfield’s company, Data Science, is the only Canadian provider of technical support for this American software.

The Liberal Party says a tight wall is being maintained between the two companies’ political services to the LBC and the services they provide to support MPs in their constituency work.

Since 2009 NGP Van has been helping Liberal MPs manage their block files. Dion mentions. He also recalled that the PLC decided in 2016 that additional data science services were needed as the size of the Liberal Federation increased. .

Mr. According to Dion, the documents show that the Liberal MPs’ payments for the services of the two companies are coordinated by the Liberal Research Bureau and the Secretary of the House of Commons Management Committee, the Department of Finance.

Mr. Trudeau is a responsible member of the Liberal Research Bureau, but Dion believes that the Prime Minister has delegated his powers to the Bureau’s Director General, including the power to contract with companies.

Tom Pitfield and Justin Trudeau’s childhood friends: Michael Pitfield, the chief’s father, was Clark and Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s cabinet secretary at the Privy Council. Many years later, Tom Pitfield led all the digital activities for the Liberal Party of Canada in the last two elections. His wife, Anna Cain, was also president of LBC.

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