A. Chris Davis was put on contract

A. Chris Davis was put on contract

At the center of a fight to finish earning a spot in the playoffs, the Oakland Aes added well-known drama to the California creation.

In fact, the athletes signed Chris Davis and immediately put him on the Arizona League list. This is a small league deal.

Davis was released by the Texas Rangers last June and will face all sorts of batting problems in 2021. He was purchased on a contract to send Elvis Andres to Oakland. At the time, he wanted to stay with A. So this was his wish fulfilled.

It will be a homecoming for the outfielder who caused rain and brightness with A from 2016 to 2020. Keep in mind that Davis has maintained a batting average of .247 in four consecutive seasons (one Milwaukee Brewers and the other three A’s), an extraordinary fact!

For Oakland, this is a calculated risk, even at the age of 33, and Davis is less likely to return to his previous standard. First, his health must be allowed to show his true value. The latter can still play a selective role in the majors, a shortcoming not resolved by A’s trading deadline.

Carrier, Davis won for .807 OPS. He has scored more than 40 home runs in three consecutive seasons, rising to 48 in 2018. In the same year, he also scored 123 points.

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