Walmart and Disney need to vaccinate their employees

Walmart and Disney need to vaccinate their employees

Pollution increases with delta variation in the United States force companies to react. Wearing a mask or a mandatory vaccine, American giants like Walmart and Disney are taking strong action.

In the United States, Disney makes it mandatory for all employees to be vaccinated. The American entertainment company gives its non-union employees 60 days to get vaccinated. Delays are high for employees at Walmart. The U.S. distribution company has given a deadline of October 04 for people working in their offices to be vaccinated.

These results indicate that the delta variant is causing a new wave of Covit-19 in the United States. According to ReutersThe country with the highest daily average cases in the world. More than 129,000 people tested positive yesterday, up from last February. The outbreak of the epidemic forced the United States’ leading federal public health agency (CDC) to announce new recommendations. He recommends wearing a mask outside in highly polluted areas. Disney implements recommendations that its audience and Walmart impose on its employees.

Vaccine bonuses are offered

150 € This is a bonus that Walmart intends to offer to all employees who are vaccinated. Premium prices have doubled in recent days. The American company is taking strong measures to prevent a recurrence in its economy. With this decision, the two US companies are following in the footsteps of other US companies such as Google, Facebook or Uber. They made it mandatory for their staff to be vaccinated last week. A decision that was encouraged and congratulated by Joe Biden for taking the same steps for millions of federal employees.

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