Neanderthals probably had more artistic sense than previously thought

Neanderthals probably had more artistic sense than previously thought

In 2018, paint traces nearly 65,000 years old were discovered in a cave in Spain. Now American researchers are convinced: the findings show that modern humans are not the only ones enjoying art.

Researchers have found additional evidence that Neanderthals are, in contrast to long-held hypotheses, artistic talents. Now an article in the American newspaper “PNAS” clearly tells the story of Stalkmitz’s relatives in a cave in southern Spain.

The speculation that Neanderthals could be the pioneers of cave art in the Ardles, near Malaga, first surfaced in 2018 – sparking considerable debate. Studies of paint layers in rock formations date back 64,800 years. Modern man at that time did not yet live in Europe, so that is not questionable.

Neanderthals worked in the cave for thousands of years

However, another scientific publication later stated that the natural appearance of the paint layers could not be ruled out. Investigations have now ruled out this possibility, said Francesco de Jericho, co-author of the article “PNAS”. “It’s mostly a question of ocher pigments being brought into the grotto.”

Analyzes also showed that painted stalactites contained different types of pigments that were used at different times. D’Arigo, who conducts research at the University of Bordeaux, says, “This cave supports the hypothesis that Neanderthals came several times over thousands of years to represent pigment.”

Cave paintings of Neanderthals “symbolic action”

Especially with the cave paintings of modern man in many places today France Found that the stalactite art of Neanderthals can only be compared to a certain extent. “You can’t call it art,” the researcher agreed. But this is definitely a kind of “symbolic action”.

In early July, research results from scientists at the University of Cottingham had already demonstrated the creativity of Neanderthals. Accordingly, more than 50,000 years of deer bone shapes became ornaments. The giant deer’s foot bone was first boiled to carve on the surface of the bone softened with stones.

Items of jewelry Neanderthals Never dated 40,000 years ago. So many researchers consider them as shades because modern humans at that time had already spread to some parts of Europe. But apparently the Neanderthals also had their own creative powers.

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