Kathy Griffin with lung cancer: "I'm going to have surgery"

Kathy Griffin with lung cancer: “I’m going to have surgery”

Kathy Griffin, the American actress who is known for her irrelevant stances across the Atlantic, and sometimes the controversial provocations, announced this Monday, Monday, 2, that she is suffering from lung cancer.

She hadn’t laughed about it yet. American actress and comedian Kathy Griffin has announced that she will arrive on Monday, August 2nd Lung cancer. This is for sure His Twitter account In her unspoken message, she shared the messageHis condition is nothing, But who wants to be full of confidence. She talks to her The community is like she has a few friendsDirectly and openly: “Guys, I have something to tell you. I have cancer. I am going to have a surgeryui will remove half of my left lung. “

Without openly mocking the disease, she did not fail to point out the horrific paradox she was attacked for: “Yes, I have lung cancer I have never smoked in my life.“But for all that, the 60-year-old comedian is confident and puts his full trust in the medical team around him. So he should not do any procedure other than removing his left lung. His message:”Doctors oBeing in stage 1 of the disease is promising, And Limited To my left lung. With A little luck, After this I will not have chemotherapy or radiation treatment, I have to keep mine Normal respiratory functions. I have to I want to be on my feet again In A month, Or even less. “

“I can deal with it”

The message is purposeful Volunteer and perspective : “The last four years It was so exciting, Try to return to work Make yourself laugh and cheer, Further I can deal with it.This is not the first time the actress has faced this disease He took his brother in 2014 and his sister in 2017.During the battle with her sister Joyce’s illness, Kathy Griffin had She shaved her headIn solidarity with her, an NGO fighting cancer is calling for donations to the American Cancer Society.

When she mentions that “Of courseYou ” Govt was vaccinated, She recalled that the effects would have been better Very dramatic if it is not. She also emphasized her community. “Stay updated on your medical tests that can save your life.“Kathy Griffin, a regular in stand-up scenes and a reality TV show star by her name, made headlines in 2017 when she posed for photographer Tyler Shields with a mask representing Donald Trump’s severed head. The scandal was lost on her. Host of the New Year’s program on CNN, She has been providing for 10 years. At the time, she apologized and admitted that there were pictures. “Very annoying“, Something not done That didn’t stop him from reposting the photo... November 4, 2020, US Presidential Election Day.

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