Cryptocurrency funds shrink in the fourth week


According to a report shared by CoinShares, there was a total net inflow of $ 19.5 million from the crypto currency last week.

Balance of cash in and out of cryptocurrencies such as Grayscale, Coinshare, 3IQ, 21 Shares For the fourth week in a row Was in negative territory.

  • According to the CoinShares report Cryptocurrency The financial contraction at $ 19.5 million last week may indicate that some investors took advantage of the rise in prices to make a profit.

  • Cryptocurrency funds, which have been on a downward trend since mid-May, have since risen in bulk. $ 295 million There was a net outflow. This fund corresponds to 1% of the total value of assets under the management of these funds.

  • A total of $ 4.1 billion has entered since the beginning of the year. Bitcoin Finance last week $ 19.7 million Release so from the beginning of the month $ 67.8 million It is out.

  • Ethereum This week was financially negative, and just like last week $ 9.5 million Lost. Bitcoin funds have shrunk by 10 in the last 12 weeks, while Ethereum funds have shrunk by 6.

  • Cryptocurrency fund with multiple assets $ 7.5 million, For XRP funding $ 1.1 million, Approximately Polkadot (DOT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Cardano (ADA) funds respectively. 400.000, 200.000 And 500,000 Dollars were entered.

  • Last week’s trading volume of these investment items increased by 173% compared to the previous week.

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