Bills and Allen are on the same page

Bills and Allen are on the same page

Buffalo Bills and Quarterback Josh Allen have offered themselves until the team’s first preseason game to agree to the terms of a new contract or they will wait until 2022.

This is what CEO Brandon Bean said on Monday.

“We are in August. So I would say we have only a few more weeks to come to an agreement or delay, and try again in 2022,” the CEO said, whose comments were reported by the ESPN network.

“I hope we can do something this year. Otherwise, we’re happy. Josh knows that. He and I had good conversations this spring and summer.

In 2021, Allen will play in his fourth season in the NFL. The option for the fifth year of his recruitment contract was used. However, the club and player may agree to a new deal before the start of the next Goodell circuit campaign.

The pre-season schedule for the bills starts on August 13, when they will be in Detroit to face the Lions.

For his part, head coach Sean McDermott is optimistic about his general manager’s statement and his key objectives.

“Things work on their own when there are two parties you want to merge, and they have the same ultimate goal in mind. Josh is great. He’s a young talent and he fits in well with the buffalo and its people. I’m sure it will work,” he told .

Allen, 25, has had his best NFL season. In 16 games during the 2020 campaign, he finished with 69.2% of passes, trying to get 4,544 yards and 37 touchdowns. The Wyoming Cowboys product is 421 yards and eight majors.

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