Which athlete is most likely to burn in the sun during the Olympics?

Les JO de Tokyo 2021 se déroulent sous un soleil de plomb. © lazyllama, Adobe Stock

Researchers have calculated the UV exposure of athletes by their sport, weather, duration of the event, and the albedo of their clothing or surface. Verdict: Female tennis players suffer the most from the heat.

In Tokyo it is over 35 C during the day. Indis UV Exceeds level 9. Heat (Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa had to leave the court after sunlight, for example), some athletes are particularly exposed. The sun is burning. The Australian team of researchers calculatedUV exposure Participants Olympic Games Tokyo during the match. Less than 144 events in 20 outdoor sports categories Wind Were thus explored.

The researchers considered several factors including Period Spent outside, venue of the eventAlpado Surface (water reflects the sun rather than the lawn), the planned time of the event or the rate at which the athlete’s body is covered by clothing (calculated by looking at video footage of the Olympic Games Rio 2016).

Tennis, golf and cycling are the most dangerous events

Conclusion: The most harmful phenomenon is women’s singles tennis, with a total exposure of 1,680 J / m2 Followed by men’s golf (1.530 J / m2) And men road cycling (941 J / m2) Of all the outdoor sports, tennis, golf, cycling, volleyball and field hockey have the greatest potential for personal expression., Explain the authors of the study published in the journal Temperature. This is caused by two main factors: the length of the event and the exhibition schedule. Daylight time. For that Tennis players At the Olympics, for example, the risks are significantly higher because a player has the potential to compete in all singles, doubles and mixed doubles. They add. Women are at greater risk because they are more interested in wearing hats and T-shirts. Even Golfers Excellently dressed, very long tests (more than four hours per round) make them vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation.

Beach volleyball and bikini

Researchers point fingers at beach volleyball “ Due to surfaces Sable Very reflective Also light clothing worn by athletes (especially women playing in bikinis). The risks associated with football, hockey or baseball, the fields that cover the highest number of events, are minimized by the less exposed sports schedule. ” This is especially the case Football Male or female is often scheduled for the evening or night, and this match has the least exposure in any team sport », Note the teachers.

The use of sunscreen during the Olympics

This Modeling Carried upwards Season) Does not fully reflect reality. ” We do not take into account any protection provided Sunscreens, Recognize researchers as well. An in-depth analysis of the behavior of competitors regarding sunscreen use, especially during events with high UV exposure potential, can significantly reduce their exposure. “However, they point out that excessive sweating of athletes can reduce cream drops and its effects.

In 2019, the World Athletics Championships It ended in a real massacre among Qatari athletes, with their stadiums suffocatingly hot (42 ° C and 72% humidity) and Air conditioner Serious hotels. However, no long-term study of the events has been conducted Skin cancer Among the Olympic athletes.

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