Traded from Lakers, Kyle Kuzma replaces Pedal pedals and GOAT on LeBron!

NBA Kuzma clashe le King après son départ

Kyle Kuzma, who was involved in the Russell Westbrook business, is now making a living from lockers. For this occasion, he used the opportunity to slip a small spade against one of his former teammates. This is none other than LeBron James, who will never see Gus as his goat again!

Kyle Kuzma, the 2020 champion with the Lakers, must now adapt to a new environment. Traded to Washington in connection with the visit Russell Westbrook, Winger at the same time sees his first experience in the NBA coming to an end. On the other hand, we doubt whether he will enjoy the success of LA in the capital …

The person involved certainly has the same feeling, especially if his career decision does not end in all beauty. So he allowed one of his fellow players to tackle a little, much smarter LeBron James Itself. Following a tweet from Game Center On incredible statistics Kobe Bryant, Gus actually released the following message:

The best in history, without debate

How can it be a shovel designed for the king, you ask? After all, the game’s true legendary Black Mamba was first worshiped No.0 No. He apparently put King above Gopi when he worked on the podcast. Rings on Fox :

Bron is Bron. I will not exclude him from the race because he is the best player of this generation. Without a doubt. … it’s hard to go against Kobe Bryant but, that is, LeBron has reached the NBA Final seven times in a row.

In November 2019, Kusma also tweeted this romantic announcement about Raja:

LeBron : “I want to be without weaknesses”

autumn season : 17th year confirms it !!! In the GOAT discussion

That being said, it’s not certain that LBJ takes a very negative view of his teammate’s exit. In fact, James was very annoyed by the irregularities of 2020-21. Especially following the utterly insane action in the first round against the Suns. This does not prevent the two from experiencing strong things together, including the title.

Apparently, before Kyle Kuzma left, LeBron had a small farewell gift to give to James. The prospective Hall of Famer should only respond to him next year during their first confrontation!

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