The Sky News Australia channel has been suspended from YouTube for misinformation about Kovit-19

The Sky News Australia channel has been suspended from YouTube for misinformation about Kovit-19

Conservative channel accused of airing videos denying the existence of Covid 19 Sky News Australia Temporarily blocked on YouTube. While the platform did not specify which videos were included, this decision follows the controversy surrounding columnist Alan Jones.

This time, YouTube has tightened the noose. For the first and seventh day, Thursday, July 29, Sky News Australia was suspended from the video sharing site “Misinformation about Covid 19”, Report Sydney Morning Herald. The Conservative Australian channel, compared to Fox News in the US, will no longer be able to post videos on its channel until Wednesday, August 4, and some of the content already uploaded has been removed from YouTube. The site did not specify which content was removed, but stated that it acknowledged a false information “Terrible Prejudice” And were “Contrary to local and international health regulations to prevent the spread of Covid 19”, Sydney newspaper reports.

The Australian media is said to have posted “Many videos deny the existence of Covid 19 or encourage the population to take over Hydroxy chloroquine Or Ivermectin [traitements dont l’efficacité n’a pas été prouvée à ce jour]”, Report Guardian Australia. The YouTube account suspension came on the same day as the channel’s 80 – year – old senior Alan Jones’ controversial passage, saying he was hostile to health restrictions. On Thursday, July 29, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph announced that it was removing the history of the Australian editor from its columns. Communication Defender In another articleAfter the latter is processed “Village idiot” Kerry Sand was elected Health Officer for New South Wales.

“Visible tension” within the media

Alan Jones “He maintains a state of resistance and resistance to the mask, which he constantly reveals in the air and in the newspapers.”, Remember Sydney Morning Herald. “However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. [de la chaîne YouTube de Sky News]”.

Whatever is certain, underlines DefenderWas recently Tension seen in News Corp Australia [l’un des plus grands conglomérats de médias du pays] Among anti-regulatory commentators on ski evening shows and print newspapers such as Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt [du groupe], Encouraging people to get vaccinated and criticizing the struggles for ‘freedom’ in Sydney. “.

Since mid-July, authorities have resumed control operations in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, as the epidemic has resumed.

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