NFL: Full stadiums for 32 teams?

NFL: Full stadiums for 32 teams?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he expects stadiums to be packed with the 32 teams making up his orbit on Saturday.

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The NFL regular season starts on September 9, and the 62-year-old said he hopes for full access to fans.

“This year, we hope that local regulations will allow fans to be in each of the 32 stadiums,” Goodell said in an interview with the NFL Network. We will be smart, we will be ready to change, we will do everything to protect the fans. But, we expect to see full stadiums. The fans want to be there, that’s what we mainly ask for, and we see it through ticket sales.

During the last Super Bowl, Kansas City leaders pitted Tampa Bay against the Buccaneers, reducing Raymond James Stadium to 25,000 spectators due to health restrictions related to the Covid 19. The maximum capacity of the stadium for such an event is 75,000.

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