Didn't receive mail in Gmail?  Advised on how to release a blocked account

Didn’t receive mail in Gmail? Advised on how to release a blocked account

Every fourth citizen of the earth – more than 1.8 billion. Users – Statista Research Institute, using Google Account. Google users get 15GB of free space, which is often used by major products such as Gmail email. Google Drive and photos for email, document storage. Storage space is easily filled, so in a message to the media, Bitės Profai shares 3 tips on how to free up space.

Didn't receive mail in Gmail?  Advised on how to release a blocked account
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“With active use of a Google Account, your space is quickly filled with various photos, newsletters or other documents. You can not receive emails with more than 15 GB of free data. Email or save important documents in Google Drive. Deleting various documents may take some time, but you have to do some tricks. If you know, you’re going to do this job very fast, ”says Pitprof Agne Adomity.

Quick way to delete old emails

If you have been using your Google Account for many years, you can easily get rid of it by deleting your old mail. For example, to delete messages older than one year, enter – old_than: 1y in the search box. Depending on the age of the messages you want to delete, you can enter another year instead of one unit. For example, you can delete messages that are months old by typing “old_than: 3m”.

“When old mails appear, mark them all and delete them. Deleted messages will go to the Trash, where they will be retrieved in 30 days. After a month, they will be automatically deleted without any possibility of recovery. Remove your mail permanently. Don’t forget to delete advertising emails or newsletters that are no longer relevant today.

Mail with links – photos, documents or even videos – can take up a lot of space in your Google Account. For example, to find emails larger than 10 megabytes, enter “has: link larger: 10m” in the search box.

Delete “hard” documents

Various documents in your Google Drive storage take up a lot of space in your Google Account. Click the “Save” button on the left to see a list of all saved documents. It starts to take up more space – on the right you will see the size of each document. You may be wondering how much memory you use, like videos that are no longer relevant to you.

To delete a file, highlight it and click the Trash can button on the right (top). You can delete more than one document at a time. If you are using a Windows system, hold down the CTRL key when you bookmark and hold the CMD key on your Mac. These buttons are especially helpful for deleting data fast. In addition, deleted documents initially go to the trash, so you can only free up space by removing everything from it. “

Improve photo size

When you receive notifications to free up space on your Google Account, review your photos in the Google Photos repository. If e. It’s easy to delete emails and various files in Google Drive storage on your computer, and it’s easy to get Google Photos on your smartphone for free. In this gadget’s library and useful tools, you will find suggestions for blurry or low quality photos.

“If you open Google Photos from a computer browser, click Settings and you’ll see an area where you can select the upload size for your photos and videos. We recommend choosing storage storage instead of the original quality to reduce the quality of your photos or videos. You will protect and free up a lot of space on your Google Account, ”advises A. Atomite.

The expert on smart devices encourages you to use the best Google Photos search capabilities. All you have to do here is enter a screenshot, for example, to see your screenshots, or to see all the photos for that period, enter the name of the month and year, such as March 2000. A. Adomaitytė adds that it does not make sense to view multiple photos or videos that are identical. Google Photos will always identify such files by their date, time and size, so it only saves one at a time.

If you do not plan to delete existing documents, you can always buy extra space in your account, which we can also share with family members. 100 GB costs 1.99 Eur, 200 GB – 2.99 Eur, and 2 TB – 9.99 Eur.

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