C8 will broadcast the film very quietly against abortion

C8 will broadcast the film very quietly against abortion

Vincent Pollor’s group channel, American Movie Unplanned, is scheduled for the first episode on the evening of August 16th. Funded by the Evangelical Church, this outspoken anti-abortion pamphlet demonizes a right that is fragile and threatening.

No luck, August 15th is coming up on Sunday this year. Yes, it is a public holiday, but it is also a religious feast that celebrates the ascension of the Virgin Mary to paradise.

C8 marks this year by dedicating this year 12 hours of its broadcast on programs related to the Catholic religion As a reminder, the channel belonged to a canal group owned by Vincent Pollori, known as Catholic. From the next day onwards the most backward will not diminish their happiness, C8 will broadcast anti-abortion film Unplanned At prime time.

Is the calendar accidental or deliberately provocative? In any case, it does not pass.

An unplanned, controversial film that appeals to conservatives

Unplanned (Unplanned) An American film was released in 2019 and is based on real events. It tells the story of Abby Johnson, An employee of a planned parent in the United States becomes an anti-abortion activist.

In its program table, C8 attempts a scary warning: “Controversial film accepting the views of anti-abortion activists”. We, in the trailer, are already cold in the back.

After watching the shocking (and impossible) scene the protagonist joins the anti-abortion movement for women who were once in distress: a fetus struggling during an abortion. Soundtrack worthy of outstanding action films.

When it was released in the United States, only the conservative Fox News Channel agreed to air a trailer for the film. Telerama In April 2019; Others will deny the reason “The main character of the object”. In France, Unplanned Sajay, distributed only by a Christian film site.

Ultra-Manichean, This turnip, funded by the Evangelical Church, still saw its visitors. The film grossed $ 12 million in its second week of release in March 2019, beating critics.

Because of the pitch and lack of enthusiasm on the part of the broadcasters, God knows it will not win. Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s vice president, praised the image on Twitter: “Thanks for such powerful stories life has won. Go and see Unplanned », He wrote in April 2019. This condition is very serious There are many lies in fictionBut, hey, his government is no longer close.

On our screens in France, after coming to the region in 2020, Unplanned Raises many more criticisms.

Domestically C8, Unplanned Sharp

C8 contains the broadcast of the film Provoked anger in the chain itself. Two actors, Solo Sidbone and Guillome Orchard, who are officially responsible for giving voice to the chain’s promotional trailers, tried to cross their turn this time.

“We, Gillum and we, made the request to our employers [ndlr: C8] Do not use our voices and find another solution for this trailer, According to the daily posted by the actress on Twitter Parisian, Says that Guilloma Orchard has already given voice but “About the title or summary of this dedicated film, without prior notice”. Good environment.

No chain Not in his first attempt against abortion. In October 2018, presenter Cyril Hanuna asked the question “For or against abortion?” Discuss with internet users during the event Tons of balance post. She certainly took to a denunciation on Twitter and responded by advising Lawrence Rosignol, the former Minister for Women’s Rights, on the best projects:

His successor, Marilyn Schiappe, sent an SMS to a presenter reminding him that preventing abortion was a punishable offense under the law. At this time, no member of the government has commented on the broadcastUnplanned In C8.

Abortion is a right, yet threatened

For a woman to change her mind about abortion, why, why not, but Unplanned Depends on this story Carry out a real crusade against fundamental rights. Especially since Abby Johnson’s story doesn’t like waterAccording to several media outlets that conducted the investigation.

Abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973 following the Supreme Court’s “Row We Wade” ruling. Since then, anti-choice movements have consistently threatened people who practice it, so they often have to be taken to their hospital.

Donald Trump did not run for president in 2017. Recently, the Supreme Court took up the Mississippi case banning abortion from the fifteenth week of pregnancy: it should question the constitution of such a law this coming October.

In France, spontaneous termination of pregnancy has been legal since the Weil Act of 1975. But with us, The fight is not over In February 2021, the National Assembly was to examine a bill aimed at extending the legal period for abortion. Representatives of the Republicans proposed more than 400 amendments, thus abandoning the choice.

“Our body belongs to us” One of the first slogans of the Women’s Liberation Movement (MLF), which fought for the right to abortion in the 1970s. Does it say leave us alone in the title, whether it be C8 or delegates?

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