AXA, the first French company in the Fortune Global 500 rankings

AXA, the first French company in the Fortune Global 500 rankings

For the 8th year in a row, US Walmart has topped the list of the world’s largest companies in terms of revenue.

What are the largest companies on the planet in terms of turnover? Like every year, the American newspaper Fortune publishes its rankings Worldwide 500They are classified on the basis of total revenue for the respective financial years ending March 31, 2021.

American retailer Walmart topped the list for the eighth year in a row, and for the sixteenth time since 1995, $ 524 million.

Top 10 Finishes:

  • State Phase (China)
  • (USA)
  • China National Petroleum (China)
  • Synobeck (China)
  • Apple (USA)
  • CVS Health (USA)
  • United Health Group (USA)
  • Toyota Motor (Japanese)
  • Volkswagen (Germany)

Apple, with a profit of $ 57 billion, ended the two-year rule of Saudi Aramco, the most profitable company in this 2021 edition (# 14).

Leading French company AXA was ranked 46th, followed by Total Energy (52nd) and Credit Agricole (93rd).

France is the 5th country

Geographically, China’s mainland (including Hong Kong) has more companies on the list again, 135 companies, 11 more than last year. Including Taiwan, Greater China has a total of 143. The United States grew to one with 122 companies, while Japan was stable with a total of 53 companies.

France ranks 5th with 26 companies, more than Germany (27 companies) and the United Kingdom (22 companies).

Overall, the 500 companies in this ranking account for more than a third of global GDP.

Finally, this year 23 women are CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies, nine more than last year.

Olivier Cisfordich PFM Business Journalist

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