London: The “worst tourist feature” will close in two days


The marble arch ridge has deceived its visitors.

The marble arch ridge has deceived its visitors.

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The Marble Arch Mount near Oxford Street cost more than 3 2.3 million and closed two days later.

“The worst ten minutes of my life”, “the worst tourist aspect of my life”, “the worst thing to do in London” ….

London authorities had great ambitions for this temporary installation, which opened this week next to the iconic monuments of the English capital, Marble Arch. But the first spectators were far from defeated. At a cost of மில்லியன் 2 million (2. 2.3 million), officials promised to provide this “artificial grass with lush greenery on the side”, a “unique view never seen before in parts of the English capital.” . At 25 meters high, visitors should be amazed by Oxford Street and beyond, and marvel at the magic of Hyde Park.

Eventually, the marble archway closed its doors two days later and, following numerous complaints from visitors, was finally able to climb the rare, earth-covered scaffolding 12 meters high after paying 8 pounds (10 euros). To provide a view of Hyde Park above the trees. The Westminster Council in charge of the project issued a statement acknowledging that “some elements of Marble Arch Mount are not yet ready for visitors” and that the landscape “will take longer to settle and grow.”

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