Fernando Tottis Jr.: The idea of ​​the process was discussed

Fernando Tottis Jr.: The idea of ​​the process was discussed

The day before yesterday, during the match between Patres and the Rockies, Fernando Tottis Jr.’s shoulder again made his own. During a skid on the third floor, the star player was injured. My colleague Pascal Harvey just announced the queue here.

So the new member on the injured list is being examined by doctors. They want to see the situation to see if his season is compromised.

What we do know is that the player is in more pain than the first time in April. So it takes more than 10 days to decide if he will return soon. In fact, he will be examined in 10 days.

What you need to know is that the process is optional. It is even more possible.

In a better world, Patress wants to push her back into the season. So he can finish the year.

After all, unless he has surgery, his shoulder can come out of its hinges at any moment. This is not the risk the team wants to take in the season.

The goal is to believe that as of today, the rest will be enough.

But really, the club will always play with Tomocles’ sword above his head. Shortstop can see his season end at any time, so he has to adjust accordingly – That is, play in a less intense way.

Keep in mind that Patrice, who is in a big race for the playoffs, did not get a shortcut like the Dodgers did with Tria Turner. However, Mani Machado and Ha-Seong Kim could take his place.

So, the file to follow in California.

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