Competitors for WhatsApp, Telegram and Group Video Calls can be viewed by over 1,000 people

Competitors for WhatsApp, Telegram and Group Video Calls can be viewed by over 1,000 people

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A post on a blog, a competitor app WhatsApp, Telegraph, Publishes a series of the latest features and updates it creates on its messaging processor. The so-called group video calls 2.0 is very significant.

Setelah peluncuran pada Juni lalu, fitur ini telah dikembangkan lagi untuk memungkinkan setiap panggilan video bisa ditonton sampai 1.000 orang. Jumlah maksimal peserta dalam panggilan telepon dan membagi layar serta audionya tak berubah, 30 orang. Tapi, Telegram bergurau kalau batas kemampuan fitur ini masih akan terus bertambah sampai, “seluruh manusia di Bumi bisa join ke sebuah group call.”

Pesan Video di Telegram juga sekarang diperbarui menjadi 2.0. Ini memberikan resolusi yang lebih tinggi, dan penggunanya dapat mengambil dan melihat setiap klip video yang datang dengan gambar yang lebih detil. Ketika pengguna merekam pesan videonya, Telegram mengatakan kalau audio dari perangkat bisa tetap diputar untuk memberi audio latar belakang seperti yang diinginkan.

“Jadi Anda kini dapat sambil bernyanyi lagu favorit atau memutar musiknya tanpa harus pause podcast Anda,” kata Telegram. Termasuk bisa melakukan zoom in ketika sedang merekam dengan kamera belakang.

Videos sent via Telegram can now be viewed in 0.5X, 1.5X or 2.0X. On the Android operating system, 0.2X speed support is also available.

Allows 1-on-1 video calling screen to share telegram voice, and there are spaces Delete automatically New to delete messages after a month – longer than the option a week earlier. Users can now draw more precisely or in detail before sending to friends or groups.

More animations are available here Passcode Messages added to screens and chat will be animated in a new way just like Android processors. App settings also include a new password reset option, which allows users to recover passwords within seven days if they do not have a backup password reset.

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Finally, there are many animated emojis, including dance emojis and greetings Handle, Broken heart and sad face. The iOS app gets integrated with the camera app on iOS, so users Telegraph You can switch to the zoom application or the widescreen camera when taking photos directly in the app.

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