Carcazone. Jewelry: American Jennifer Wood captures the South

Carcazone.  Jewelry: American Jennifer Wood captures the South

There is only one step from the Phoenix heat in Arizona to the Pepiux in Audrey. Jennifer Wood, who created the Mignonne handmade jewelry brand, moved to the south of France with her family to live up to her French dream. Recently selected for the Etsy Design Awards, luck will not stop laughing at these entrepreneurs.

Jennifer Wood is the French dream. The American started his career in January 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona: Beautiful handmade, It is a brand of jewelry and decorations that keeps a traditional production technique and makes it itself. First, the young designer begins to sell his jewelry by word of mouth to friends and acquaintances. Very soon, he decided to put his first product on sale on the Etsy platform created in New York in 2005, specializing in personalized works and vintage products.

Jennifer has always loved France since childhood: “I always dreamed of it. I found the country so beautiful and I loved the language. ” In her youth, Jennifer and her husband, then her boyfriend, traveled to Switzerland and then to Jura. Upon their return to the United States and between several works, the pair re-emphasized their travels to France, especially in the south.

The rural landscapes, the promise and the sun definitely attract them. “We told ourselves: It would be nice to live here. “, Says Jennifer. In 2015, when their works and their website began to work well across the Atlantic, the couple made the decision of their lives: to capture the south of France, which made them so dreamy: “Since my sales are only made on the internet I can continue to deliver them from overseas. “

This is what they did in 2015: Jennifer, her husband Aaron, their family of four children and their dogs flew to the Audios lands and put their suitcases in the peepholes. Although the shelter was initially expected to last a year, the couple’s children are getting used to France. Jennifer lovingly explains it: “A year later, because we enrolled them in a French school, the children spoke the language well and were very happy to be there. And if the children were happy, so were we.”

As this true haven of peace in the midst of nature, the main source of inspiration for Jennifer Wood, the family finally decides to settle for an indefinite period of time. If Jennifer produces each piece so meticulously, before it was even a job, it was about a passion. Her works reflect nature, and from there she draws inspiration: “I love the city, but I always feel good in nature. In the mountains or at sea, I like it when I am not surrounded by crowds.

Many years after the launch of her brand, the designer still works alone, and her husband still supports technology and management.

Last month, Etsy contacted Jennifer Wood, announcing that she had been selected to participate in the Etsy Design Awards organized on stage to reward the quality, originality and craftsmanship placed on Etsy online.

A choice to sign authentic recognition for his career and his work: “After starting on this platform, they noticed my work and chose me for this ceremony which surprised me and touched me so much. The winners will be selected at the end of August, and although Jennifer is closely convinced that she will win, she is incredibly lucky that this choice will give her: “This opportunity and this appointment gave Micron Handmade a new look, which I can already see on my site. This is crazy, I still can not believe it! “

Following the appointment, Jennifer Wood wants to grow her business by adding new elements inspired by Occitan Nature to her online store: “I dream of creating perfumes reminiscent of local plants. Thyme is all around my house and I love the scent so much that I like to put it everywhere, it is a great way to promote the beauty of the area around the world.

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