Bill Belichick (Patriots): “Game (Newton) is our starter”

The first question for the Patriots camp was: Who is the opening football in September? At a press conference, Phil Belich gave his response as announced by the Boston Globe and NFL Media. And the favorite game seems to be Newton.

However, the start of the conference sowed confusion, with Belich emphasizing the principle of competition.

“We’ll see the whole situation. I do not think you have to evaluate the players in one or two games or at any point in a day. From a consistency point of view, it’s always important, and obviously productive. I hope so. But let’s see how it goes. Let them play and try to do what we think is best for the team based on their performance. “

After this statement, the competition seems to be open, but Bill Belich has clarified his thoughts on the status of the quarterback.

“No. I mean, Cam (Newton) is our opening quarter, I think I said.”

Contradictory? Unnecessary. Cam Newton is the holder today, but it won’t be like that throughout the season. While it is still difficult to understand the words of the Patriots head coach, it seems that Newton will start the season and learn in the shadow of Mac Jones.

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