99% initiative: “Start-friendly implementation expected!”

Will 99% of the initiative clear the startup view? Depends on who you are asking. Anyway, SP-Grant Council and start-up founder Daniel Socker says no.

Summarize the essentials

  • With Joshua’s 99% initiative yes, capital income will be taxed higher.
  • There is a fear that the start-up scene will thus be disturbed and investments will be restricted.
  • SP politician and entrepreneur disagree. It’s “not an issue”.

Daniel Sageser sits for them SP At the Grand Council of Basel-State. He is a “clean entrepreneur”, CEO of Megasol AG. The company manufactures solar modules, which have grown rapidly since its inception and operate internationally.

But Sägesser has its roots in the opening scene. And supports 99% of initiatives launched in 2019 From Juso Submitted. The Camp non-argumentIt bothers him because this initiative will affect start-up companies.

“Not a regular start title”

On demand, the entrepreneur explains it is remarkably hot, which is why 99% of the initiative does not make Switzerland a less attractive place to start. “High capital gains are not a regular start-up topic,” says Choker. “Fifty percent of start-ups don’t even survive the first five years.” Profit distribution ”is not an issue at the initial stage in most cases.

In addition, the “practical and start-friendly implementation” of this initiative is not only problematic in the event of yes, but also “absolutely expected”. “The initiative text is very explicitly designed,” explains SPler. “It restricts the exemption limit and all other details Law. It was dominated by capitalism Parliament Designed in Bern. “

Is 99% Initiative Even Good For Startups?

A high capital income tax would prevent Sägesser from establishing start-ups in his day “under any circumstances”. “As a founder, even in startup-friendly Switzerland you have completely different concerns,” says Posler. “Access to well-trained professionals or good and affordable business assets and so on.”

What do you think about the 99% initiative?

99% of the initiative relieves low and middle line blockages, says Daniel Choker. “It strengthens the purchasing power of these people, which is good for the economy, SMEs and startups.”

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