Shocking: Fish steamed alive in sun-heated river (video) – F – Curiosity

Shocking: Fish steamed alive in sun-heated river (video) - F - Curiosity

In a video released Tuesday by the Columbia River Kipper, a voluntary charity, salmon groups are seen swimming in a tributary covered by red sores and white fungus, thus exposing them to stress and extreme temperatures, the Guardian reported.

Salmon in the Columbia River “almost boiled alive due to rising water temperatures during the heat waves recorded in the northwestern Pacific.” A group of animal rights activists noticed the confusing view.

On the day of the video, the river reached a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, which is dangerous for these fish if exposed for too long. The Clean Water Act prevents temperatures in rivers from rising above 20 degrees.

This scene is another example of the tragic deaths caused by heat – the effect of climate change. They have already killed hundreds of people in the Pacific and Canadian Pacific regions, probably thousands of sailors. animals And triggers dozens of explosions in the region.

But this is not only due to the heat wave, but also by reducing the flow of water for decades and increasing the temperature of stagnant water and the river.

Tens of thousands of salmon still live in Colombia and the Snake River, and as the rivers heat up further over the next two months, many more fish will die. Since salmon in the Snake River are already considered endangered, losing only a small portion of its population can have serious consequences.

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