MLP: Summary of Wednesday's games in the American League, including the Jays doubles schedule

MLP: Summary of Wednesday’s games in the American League, including the Jays doubles schedule

BOSTON – Rookie Tanner Hugh hit seven batters in four innings to help the Red Sox win 4-1 in the second game of the doubles program against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday night.

The two teams split the day’s course in Boston and Jayce won the first game 4-1.

In the evening, Hook allowed just one point in two wins. Carrot Whitlock (4-1) won by starting two innings without allowing any relief points. Then Matt Barnes saved the win for the 23rd time in 27 attempts.

In the win, another newcomer, Jaron Duran, scored his first triple in the Majors. Good win for a point in the fourth inning. He came to score in the play due to the fault of outfielder George Springer who cheated the ball.

According to Jayce, opener Steven Mates (8-6) was defeated by allowing four runs for nine wins in the third and third innings.

Jay wins the first match

At Game 1 in the afternoon, Randall Krichuk scored a home run to make it three and beat the Toronto Blue Jays Red Sox 4-1.

Krischuk first tied the score at 1-1.

He added the 19th home run after two runs following Lourdes Curiel’s double.

George Springer hit the long ball to Jayce, who has lost his last two games.

Robbie Ray (9-5) hit eight batters, giving up a run and five wins in six innings.

“My skating was particularly fifth and sixth,” Ray said. “I also made some good gear changes.

“You have to have a balance. The Red Sox are good winners. They have a reason to lead the division.”

Jordan Romano scored the eighth save.

Carrot Richards (6-6) allowed four runs and eight wins in four innings.

Boston wasted a goal opportunity and had no second outs. Two strikeouts and one ball went to center field.

Elsewhere the American League

Tigers 17 – Twins14
The : The Tigers scored 17 points without hitting a house. They put up eight points in 4th place.
MIN : The doubles on the other hand hit seven home runs in defeat.

Cardinals 2 – Indians7
STL : Dylan Carlson hits the 11th homer of the season.
CLE : Reims hit two home runs in the front and Caesar Hernandez hit his 18th long ball to take three runs.

Marlins 7 – Oriols 8
My : Jesus Aquila hit his 18th Homer and scored three runs.
Ball : Victory in the walk for Ryan McKenna filled 9th place.

Yankees 3 – Rays 1 (10 m)
New York : Aaron Judge breaks tie with singles in 10th inning.
Tuberculosis : Michael Wacha wins Yankees by five innings. The rays face a third loss in a row.

Diamondbox 3 – Rangers 2
ARI : Madison Bumkarner allowed only two runs in seven innings
TEX : Jordan Liles limited his opponents to two points in 7 innings

White Socks 2 – Royals 3
CHW : Lucas Giolito allowed only one run in six innings
Casey : Chris Bubik allowed two runs in six innings

Rockies 7 – Angels 8
COL : Trevor Story ends his night with two RBIs
LAA Shoaib Ohtani hit the 37th homer of the season

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