Euro: Nineteen, London final before being transferred to Paris

Euro: Nineteen, London final before being transferred to Paris


London (AFP)

Solid in extra time, decisive in penalties, Gianluigi Donnarumma is a good leader in the Euros, despite an immediate transfer to Paris SG, who will play in the final against Italy on Sunday.

At 22, the Spaniard was convinced by an old man that he had won his psychological fight with Alvaro Morata on his fourth attempt.

He was exactly expecting a strike – not very supportive, but true – he crossed the euro almost like a crossbar, pushed back with his left hand, giving Jorkinho a competitive point. Chelsea almost missed one of the stage complexes.

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A little personal revenge in a psychic mood initially turned out to be in favor of the Spaniards.

Morata, who entered the 62nd minute two minutes after the start of the Italian scoring, equalized ten minutes from the end of regulation time. He held the ball to the right this time.

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But Italy can’t really blame their porter.

She has never dominated this match, but she owes it to reaching the penalty shootout.

At 25th, Danny Olmo’s penalty spot, he blocked a shot to his right and landed on the ground.

At 58th, he stopped a shot with two firm hands by Michael Oyersball, and in extra time he volunteered to clear a center above Morata (102nd) head with his fist.

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– Archeology of the Modern Guardian

Throughout the match, he released a silence, which has a lot to do with “Nacionel”‘s defensive position, which is a compelling position to go the distance in matches.

“I’ve been playing in Serie A for six years and (towards me) have a lot of respect,” he said a week ago.

“I keep listening to myself and my teammates listen to me. The goalkeeper must order security and we must always feel safe and confident,” he added.

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Despite his 1.96m and his young age, he handled the modern goalkeeper perfectly and he can no longer be athletic, lively and determined.

Won in 1968, but after defeats in 2000 and 2012, by qualifying Italy for its fourth Euro final, he followed the biggest vacuum, yet left a huge void to fill.

“I know goalkeepers have made history before me, but I have no pressure.

“He’s 22 years old, so there’s still room for improvement. In addition, he’s a guy with a strong temperament who will always be equal to him, under any circumstances,” praised Walter Jenga, who, in close proximity to the AFP, particularly held Italy’s cage at Euro 88 and World 90. .

It looks like he is ready to take a new step as the contract with Paris SG is only waiting for his signature until 2026.

Through his career at this Euro, he has been able to bring his head up at the Camp des Locas and have that great hope of being very successful for him.

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