Brisbane Purification for three days

Brisbane Purification for three days

Australia is taking new steps to combat the renewed epidemic linked to the delta type. Saturday afternoon, A strict three-day lockout will take effect in Brisbane, The country’s third-largest city, as well as parts of the state of Queensland, officials said.

“The only way to defeat delta strainAct fast, be fast and be strong“Queensland’s Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles has said that Brisbane is the capital city. Contrasting delta Listed in Queensland. They are mainly concerned A student, his family and a teacher. However, Steven Miles said authorities are still trying to find the source of the explosion.

This restriction has been “severe” in Brisbane since the outbreak began. Millions of people are concerned They can leave their home only for essential needs Such as buying food or exercising.

The move comes as the Sydney metropolitan area was at the height of the eruption. Fifth week of imprisonment. “We cannot be satisfied Only because we have done well so far. We must all comply with these restrictions, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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