Big business in the All-Star view in the East?

Now that the draft has taken place, everyone’s eyes are on the free agent, which will begin in a few days. By the way, many of the stars in the deal will soon end up with a new jersey … which is especially the case with a big name at the Eastern Conference, which is seen in the recently departed rumors.

21.4 points, 7.5 rebounds and an average of 4.2 assists, which is the average of Pascal Siakam for the 2020-21 season. While the state line looked very good to some, the exercise seemed disappointing to Cameroon. Low production in scores and far more disgusting from a distance (29.7%) than the previous campaign (22.9 points to 36% curve), the interior has stagnated over the past few months.

To make matters worse, rumors have also pointed to tensions between MIP 2019 and its coach Nick Nurse. Suddenly, all of this leads to more and more divisions between the two camps … and more precisely, according to Brett Seagal’s insiders, a rival owner will be ready to retrieve All-Star. It’s already active because now it’s just transferred guides Russell Westbrook !

A source cites Washington guides as a possible location for Pascal Siag if Toronto raptors want to do business with him after drawing Scotty Bornes. They have Kyle Kuzma, Rui Hachimura, Montreal Harrell and Thomas Bryant as commercial assets.

If this exchange happens, we will see a huge growth for all parties involved. On the one hand, Washington is reclaiming an interior dominated by Spicy B, local star Bradley Peel is not really close to him. Siyagam itself can start all over again with a fresh start, especially at the psychological level.

Toronto, on the other hand, will begin a major reconstruction project, Senior Kyle Lori also began the journey. On the other hand, Canadians will not start fresh because the induced package will allow Nick Nurse to count at least solid spin players, especially on the front court. What convinces a highly talented player to sign up for the summer?

Things are happening in Toronto, which is expected to start a new cycle from 2021-22. And as a preference, Pascal Siak will not be a part of it … In 2019, against the Warriors, they will not be left in the champion squad.

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