Apple Introduces UPI, Rupee and Net Banking as additional payment options in the App Store

Apple Introduces UPI, Rupee and Net Banking as additional payment options in the App Store

Apple brings good news to Indian iPhone users Apple has introduced three new payment methods for iPhone users as part of its App Store purchases. Apple has made UPI, Rupee and Net Banking payment options available to its users. In the past you could only pay with credit and debit cards on the App Store and iTunes.

With Apple’s latest decision, you can make payments using UPI, Rupee, Net Bank Payments. This will benefit a large number of Apple users. Users will find it very useful to purchase songs on iTunes. Technology company Cupertino has announced this to the App Store users through announcements. However, Apple said in a statement that the services will be available on the updated iOS, iPad and MacOS.

Add new payment options to your iPhone or iPod like this ..!

  • Select the Settings option on your iPhone or iPod. Then tap Apple ID.
  • Then tap the Fare and Shipping option. You are asked to sign in again.
  • Select Advertising Payment Method to add new payment method.
  • Follow the steps shown to add UPI, Rupee and Net Banking details.
  • Click Edit in the top right corner to rearrange and remove the payment method if necessary.
  • Users can pay in multiple payment methods using Apple ID.
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