When the profit of the crisis varies from anger

When the profit of the crisis varies from anger

U.S. laboratory Pfizer plans to sell $ 33.5 billion worth of vaccines against Govit-19 this year, thanks to global orders for $ 2.1 billion created in collaboration with German biotech. This is higher than the $ 15 billion the manufacturer expects in February, and more than Pfizer’s revenue of $ 26 billion in May. The U.S. company, which has badly concealed its pride in the face of rising sales, now expects revenue of $ 78 to $ 80 billion over 2021. This wonderful… economic health can be strengthened especially with the advent of third levels.

Although all the “major media” have published, it is customary to say among the conspirators that this information has every chance of being taken up by the anti-wax movement. According to her, these economic decisions are evidence of a partnership between private economic interests and public policy pursued. This will provoke the aggressive distrust of activists who throw away their ideologies with the complacency of social networks. When angry at Pfizer’s apparent greed, they feed on Facebook or Twitter.

This year’s Cafam’s stratified turnover in 2021 makes them Govt’s biggest winners. Google recorded a turnover of $ 61.9 billion between April and June 2021. During the same period, it was 81.4 billion for Apple (Pfizer’s annual population in 2021)! Of course, we should discuss access to vaccines, removal of patents or sharing of technical knowledge. But it is even more difficult to question the revenue of a company that aims to vaccinate the planet than the revenue of companies that swallow the global economy.

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